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  • Generations Of HOPE will sing on Divine Mercy Sunday (28th April) at 12 o’clock Mass in Christ The King. There will be no practice during the week but could everyone come for 11.15AM on Sunday. πŸŽΈπŸŽ·πŸŽΆπŸŽ΅πŸŽ§πŸŽ»πŸŽΊπŸŽΉπŸ™
  • Tom Sweeney performing with the P7s today. He wrote 'Leaving Limavady' especially for our Shared Education Project with Drumachose which is focused on Famine and Emigration. Tom shared a range of songs and poetry with us today.…
  • Generations Of HOPE will sing during Adoration after Mass on Holy Thursday from 21-22.00. We will have a rehearsal on Tuesday 16 April between 19.00-19.50 in Christ The King. Everyone welcome. 🎺🎹🎸🎷🎢🎡🎧🎻